Michael Cohen, Finally Feeling Vindicated, Has More Predictions On Trump’s Downfall

Michael Cohen has been speaking out about Donald Trump’s (alleged) criminal activity ever since, as the then-president’s personal attorney, Cohen started facing the consequences for it. Not only has he shared information with Congress and the District Attorney who is investigating Trump in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), but he’s been telling the public that his former boss will suffer for these crimes.

[Photo by James Devaney/GC Images]

Cohen has predicted that the case in SDNY will be bad news for the Trump family and businesses, and as of Tuesday, that’s beginning. The news broke that a Grand Jury has been convened to determine whether the evidence gathered in SDNY is enough to charge Donald Trump, or any Trump Organization employees, and Cohen is clear that he feels vindicated. He tweeted Wednesday to share a Palmer Report article centering on the statement, “Michael Cohen saw this coming,” and promising that Cohen has more predictions to come.

Reveling in the long-awaited affirmation, Cohen tweeted, “My words seem to be resonating!”

Sharing the Washington Post article about the Grand Jury, Cohen reiterated, “[I] have been steadfast in saying the wheels of justice turn slowly but they nevertheless turn.”

Cohen has predicted that Trump won’t run for office again, and that the many legal battles he’s facing — not only in SDNY but potentially over the January insurrection attempt, and in Cohen’s own civil case over his re-imprisonment (which he believes was intended to stop his tell-all book), and in other civil cases including one from E. Jean Carrol, who Trump disparaged after she came forward to say she’d been sexually assaulted by him — will keep him tied up for a while.

He’s also predicting, as reported by HuffPost, that Rudy Giuliani’s legal troubles will reverberate, as Trump won’t try to help his other former attorney, and Giuliani will give up evidence on Trump to save his own skin. He’s also predicting, as The Hill reports, that Trump will turn on his own family, even sacrificing his children, to save himself. Ultimately, Cohen isn’t predicting that any of this will save Trump though — he says the troubles will just keep coming.

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