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Michael Cohen: Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka are all Involved in Trump’s Tax Evasion

Michael Cohen: Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka are all Involved in Trump’s Tax Evasion

On Sunday night the New York Times dropped a bombshell report that outlined who Donald Trump has barely paid taxes since 2000. The president was quick to declare the report to be “fake news,” but he did not issue a complete denial.

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Michael Cohen, a long-time lawyer for Donald Trump has a good handle on what was going on behind closed doors at the Trump Organization. On Monday, he talked about his experiences there with MSNBC’s Joshua Johnson.

Cohen began by explaining that the scandal shouldn’t bother Donald Trump’s base voters. “He’s got a certain base where it truly doesn’t matter what he does. And these people, for whatever their crazy belief system is. And I was part of that Donald Trump cult. And for whatever reason, it’s acceptable. But it’s absolutely not.”

The former lawyer continued,

“He may actually be the first president to go from the White House to prison. And I don’t think he’s by himself too. I think that Allen Weisselberg, his CFO, is complicit in it. As well as Don, Ivanka, Eric. I believe that the entire Trump clan is complicit in all of this tax evasion.

These are legitimately what Judge Pauley stated in my case. These are sophisticated schemes, within which to deprive the IRS of income, of taxes, that are desperately needed. Not putting your money in either Capital One or First Republic Bank as I did.”

Watch a clip of Cohen’s comments below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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