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Michael Cohen Calls Investigation Of Trump “Proctological Exam Of The Highest Order”

Michael Cohen Calls Investigation Of Trump “Proctological Exam Of The Highest Order”

Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance’s investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged criminal activity is deep and probing, according to his former fixer Michael Cohen. He has warned that serious consequences are coming.

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Speaking to the Washington Post, Cohen called the investigation “a proctological exam of the highest order,” and more mildly as a review of business practices “unprecedented in Trump’s corporate history.”

Vance, unlike any investigator before, after fighting through layers of courts and years of Trump’s efforts to prevent the records from being accessible, now has the tax return documents that the former President once promised he’d release publicly, only to delay, obfuscate, and dodge.

Michael Cohen has spoken before, including in his book, Disloyal, about Trump’s business practices, which the former fixer says included falsifying the value of properties, using inflated numbers on loan applications and artificially lowered values on tax documents to lower his own costs. Vance’s office will have this testimony as well as years of documentation to work with.

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In fact, Fortune reported in September that despite painting himself as a wealthy businessman with a massively profitable empire, Trump paid no income taxes at all ten out of the last fifteen years, and showed disparity in his reporting — such as in 2018, when his financial disclosures report $434.9 million in earnings, but his tax filings claim a $47.4 million loss instead.

Michale Cohen is speaking to the Manhattan DA’s office for the 8th time on Friday, according to RawStory, and has said that his multiple conversations with Vance’s office are being correctly assessed as spelling serious trouble for Donald Trump.

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