Michael Cohen Believes Jared Kushner Could Be Secretly Cooperating With Prosecutors To Save His Own Skin

On Monday, Michael Cohen seemed to be in the mood to answer questions. His fans took full advantage of the opportunity, asking him about his own cooperation with the Manhattan District Attorney, whether he thinks that Donald Trump and his eldest son will ever be indicted, and what he thinks will happen with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

[Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images]

Cohen has a podcast where he shares his views on Trump and related matters, relying on both his legal background and his knowledge of Donald Trump, the Trump family, and the inner workings of Trump businesses. On Twitter, too, he relies on his own character judgments of the family, as well as his legal experience, to make guesses and estimates of what might happen.

On Monday, Cohen addressed news that prosecutors had felt it necessary to wait until Trump was out of office to indict Tom Barrack, an investor known to be a close personal friend of the ex-president. Cohen shared the MSNBC link to Rachel Maddow’s commentary about this, and added his own opinion that Jared Kushner, hearing this, must be expecting to be next.

When a Twitter user responded to ask if Kushner will be held accountable for any alleged crimes, Cohen added further thoughts, saying he believed that the only way Trump’s son-in-law would dodge indictment himself would be by cooperating with prosecutors to take down the rest of the family. In fact, Cohen mused, Kushner could be doing exactly that already.

As for both Donalds, senior and junior, Cohen promised that he himself will not stop fighting until the pair face justice.

Cohen also affirmed that he continues to work with authorities himself, and that these meetings have not stopped, but are typically conducted online.

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