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Michael Cohen Allegedly ‘Fixed’ a Potential Scandal for Jerry Falwell Jr.

Michael Cohen Allegedly ‘Fixed’ a Potential Scandal for Jerry Falwell Jr.

When Michael Cohen initially faced legal trouble, he revealed that he had three regular clients he interacted with. These clients were revealed to be President Donald Trump, Republican fundraiser Elliot Broidy and Fox News host, Sean Hannity. Hannity claimed that while he sought legal advice from Cohen, he never retained him as a lawyer.

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It seems, however, that Cohen had done “fixer” work for clients outside of Trump, Broidy, and Hannity. According to a report from Reuters, Cohen helped Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr., handle a scandal involving risqué personal photos.

Cohen revealed his involvement of the cover-up to actor turned political activist, Tom Arnold. Arnold had tape recorded the confession without the lawyer realizing it.

Trump’s former counsel told Arnold that Falwell had approached him for a favor in 2015. Notably, this occurred before Donald Trump had become the Republican nominee for president.

Cohen said that the Fallwel family hoped to keep, “a bunch of photographs, personal photographs” from public view. The lawyer continued, “I actually have one of the photos, it’s terrible.”

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The lawyer completed favor for the family and the photographs remained private. Months later, Falwell endorsed Trump, bringing along with him a large cache of Evangelical voters. These voters were like rocket fuel for the president’s campaign.

Falwell remains an important surrogate for the White House. This weekend the Liberty University president tweeted that Trump deserves an additional two years of the presidency as payback for the Mueller investigation. The president was quick to retweet the message from one of his most loyal political allies.

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