Michael Cohen Addresses Donald Trump Adderall-Snorting Rumors; Says President Isn’t On Drugs But Should Be On Meds

Michael Cohen has repeatedly said that Donald Trump isn’t abusing drugs. However, he now says the president should be taking meds to control delusions.

[Image Credit: DonkeyHotey, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney and ‘fixer’ has confounded some members of the public by insisting that President Donald Trump is not abusing any drugs. In particular, no, says the man who went to prison for acts he committed at Trump’s behest, the president is not snorting Adderall. This, contradicting claims of another Trump insider, Noel Casler, has confounded some members of the public, who have been watching the president’s behavior closely and believe Casler’s tales from backstage at Celebrity Apprentice.

In a recent episode of Cohen’s Mea Culpa podcast, he lashed out at the many people he says are always contacting him to ask why he won’t spill on Trump and drug use. He says it’s simply not true — Trump isn’t a drug addict and doesn’t snort Adderall or any other substance. “Donald Trump is not a drug addict,” he affirmed. “He’s an a**hole, but not a drug addict.” Cohen says he’s so sick of this question that he’s now just ignoring it and not even dignifying it with a response.

Still, responding to a tweet from Donald Trump, in which the president claims that he’s a Golden Goose rather than a lame duck, and blamed Fox News for his election loss (which he still hasn’t actually conceded), Cohen brings up the tale of drug addiction again.

Addressing his former client, he says he has “testified under oath and stated publicly” that the president is not a drug abuser — but that he thinks it’s time for Trump to start taking SSRIs or other medications to correct his mental state — “You are delusional!”

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