Michael Avenatti Teases ‘Explosive’ Images & Documents From ‘Whistleblower’

Michael Avenatti has become a household name, thanks mainly to a lawsuit involving his client Stormy Daniels and Trump attorney Michael Cohen. Many on the left consider the man a hero, while those on the right either hate him or are afraid of him. One thing is for sure, however, and that is the clear indication that he will remain relevant for quite a while, as he now takes on the cases of dozens of immigrant families.

Last week Avenatti alluded to the fact that he was working with “whistleblowers within ICE” as well as outside contractors working for the US government, who have been privy to first hand accounts of child separation. If that’s not enough to get anyone intrigued, his tweet, just moments ago certainly will:

“There are few things more gratifying in my role as an advocate than when a whistleblower trusts me with explosive information (docs, images, etc.) and looks to me to ensure it is released for maximum impact for the public good. Today is another such day. #BuckleUp #Basta,” Avenatti tweeted.

While this latest tweet did not indicate what these documents and images may be in reference to, judging from his recent tweets, as well as the mention of ICE whistleblowers several times over the course of the last week, it is likely safe to assume that Avenatti has information which will either embarrass, or perhaps even incriminate members of the Trump administration. As of yesterday Avenatti said that he represents over 60 immigrant mothers and 70 children who have been separated from each other along our southern border.  There is no doubt that he is seeking as much information as he can come across which would help their cases and provide evidence of wrongdoing by Trump’s DHS and HHS.

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