Michael Avenatti To Rudy Giuliani: ‘Buckle up buttercup’ Because Trump’s Stupidity Will ‘Catch up to him’

What once was a battle between two attorneys, Stormy Daniels’ Michael Avenatti and the President’s Rudy Giuliani, recently added a third warrior, Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis. With the addition of Davis, the war of words on Twitter has been turned up a few notches. Last night, attacking Lanny Davis, Mr. Giuliani tweeted the following message, which makes it quite apparent that the President is worried about what Cohen will release next.

“Press saying today that Lanny Davis is getting ready to leak more of his client’s surreptitiously recorded tapes. All you’re doing is destroying Cohen’s credibility and his usefulness as a witness and his career as a lawyer. Get some competent legal advice,” Giuliani tweeted.

This morning, Mr. Avenatti responded to that tweet calling Giuliani ‘desperate’:

“Rudy – you look desperate, bc you are. What are you & Mr. Trump so afraid of if he did nothing wrong as you claim? Releasing the info in no way damages Cohen’s credibility or usefulness as a witness. But it will severely damage Trump. And we are just getting started. #FightClub”

Then 20 minutes later Avenatti stepped his tweet game up another notch with the following message to Giuliani:

Avenatti, who is now representing multiple women accusing the President of paying them hush money to cover up affairs, seems to be alluding to quite a bombshell in the works. With a track record of backing up his words and tweets with documents and actions, it appears as if things will get quite a bit interesting in the days and weeks ahead for the Trump legal team.

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