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Michael Avenatti Just Sent This Letter to LAPD Proclaiming His Innocence

Michael Avenatti Just Sent This Letter to LAPD Proclaiming His Innocence

Hill Reporter has obtained a copy of a letter sent from the attorneys of Michael Avenatti to the detectives at the Los Angeles Police Department who are investigating domestic violence allegations against their client by an actress and model named Mareli Miniutti.

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In the letter, obtained from our source close to the investigation and seen below, Avenatti’s legal team provided details to LAPD investigators as well as a report (redacted from this document) compiled by John Brown & Associates documenting several interviews which Avenatti believes are critical to his case. They include a female security guard at Avenatti’s apartment complex as well as a concierge staff at the residence.

The letter claims that neither of these individuals “observed Mr. Avenatti use any force or violence against Ms. Miniutti, nor engage in any act of disrespectful or angry touching, nor make any threats, or even any threatening gestures, towards her.”

In addition to the witnesses working at the apartment complex where the domestic abuse incident allegedly took place, the letter also states that Mr. Avenatti’s driver, who spent the night with Avenatti “describes him as relaxed and happy when he dropped him off at the residence shortly before the alleged incident.”

Avenatti’s attorneys claim that there are multiple security cameras at the apartment complex and that they “show no force, violence or offensive touching of Ms. Miniutti by Mr. Avenatti,” but rather depict Avenatti as being “calm and collected.” This video footage reportedly includes a camera that was located inside of the elevator which Ms. Miniutti and Mr. Avenatti rode down from Avenatti’s 22nd-floor apartment to the ground level.

According to the letter, the female security guard at the apartment complex, who met with Miniutti in the leasing office after she came to the reception area with Avenatti, described Miniutti’s behavior as being “scattered” and “all over the place” when she asked the alleged victim questions.  This security guard also did not believe the police needed to be called, according to the report not yet released by John Brown & Associates.

At one point during the evening, Mr. Avenatti reportedly commented that Ms. Miniutti had been acting differently since taking medication, and Ms. Miniutti told the security guard, “It’s Accutane, I’ve been taking it for acne for the last three days.”  The report notes that Miniutti had been taking an acne medication called Myorisan, which is a generic of Accutane, and that this medication can cause erratic behavior, especially when combined with other drugs or alcohol.

The letter explains that the security guard on the scene did, in fact, see a red marking on the leg of Ms. Miniutti, but the letter claims that Avenatti was not responsible, rather blaming it on the medication that Ms. Miniutti had begun taking.

In addition to these explanations, the letter goes into details about an Instagram post that Ms. Miniutti made on the night of the alleged incident, with a friend who had picked her up that evening:

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“Reinforcing the conclusion that Ms. Miniutti was not a victim of domestic violence is her conduct soon after the parties’ argument. Less than 24 hours later, she and a friend, Jasmine Kate McCallum, made and posted on social media a video of the two in which Ms. Miniutti appears joyful, playful and in perfect condition. She appears flaw less but for possible swelling on her lips from her recent cosmetic surgery.”

Hill Reporter has not been witness to the video evidence which Avenatti and his attorneys claims to exist, nor can we back up the claims being made in the letter or the exhibits which the letter mentions at this time.

Here’s the full five-page report:

Michael Avenatti Court Document in Alleged Domestic Violence Case

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