Michael Avenatti Is Representing 3 More Women Paid To Keep Quiet Over Trump Affairs

Michael Avenatti is stepping further into the trenches in his battle against Donald Trump and payments the President allegedly made to keep the truth about his extra-marital affairs a secret.

Avenatti revealed on Thursday that he is representing three more women who claim they were paid by Donald Trump, AMI, and Michael Cohen.

Speaking at a panel in West Hollywood, Avenatti stood up and announced that the women claim they were paid to remain silent, although he didn’t mention how much compensation they each received. Avenatti says he is waiting on permission from his clients to reveal how much they were paid.

The super lawyer also revealed that one of the women claimed to be pregnant at the time of her affair with Donald Trump.

Here’s the video clip from the event.

Avenatti is already representing adult actress Stormy Daniels. She claims to have been paid $130,000 just days before the 2016 election. Daniels filed a lawsuit to invalidate the nondisclosure agreement, stating that Trump never signed the agreement.

In recent months, Avenatti has become a hero to many. Most recently he began helping mothers find a path to being reunited with their children who were ripped way from their families by Donald Trump’s child separation policy.

This story is still developing.

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