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Full Translation Of The Heartbreaking Letter Michael Avenatti Shared

Full Translation Of The Heartbreaking Letter Michael Avenatti Shared

On Tuesday afternoon lawyer Michael Avenatti posted a letter form one of the mother’s he is representing against Donald Trump’s administration.

After being torn away from her child, Avenatti wrote:

Here is a letter my client Levis just wrote to her 6 yr old son Samir, whom she has not seen or comm with in over 2 weeks. They told her he was being taken for a “bath” & would be brought right back. He is a gentle boy and very attached to his mother. She is terrified.

The tweet was shared with two attached handwritten and scanned pieces of paper given to Avenatti by his client.

Here’s the full translation of the love letter from a mother to her son.

For: Samir the love of my life.

From: Your mom the love of your life.

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Hello, my love. How are you? I expect you are doing well. I want to tell you that everything is fine. I lament all that is happening. My soul hurts during this separation, but I want you to know that I have not abandoned you. Mom is here and I think about you a lot. When I wake up the first thing I do is think of your eyes, and to feel your hugs that you give me in the mornings and to feel your kisses, my son!! How much I miss you Samir, I want you to know that we will be together very soon so that you can give me hugs, I love you!!! I want to see you and tell you face to face that you are my pride, you are my engine, don’t worry my son that I am fine. I know you are suffering because I know you love me. Very soon, we will be counting the praises we sing and we will pray to God together.

I don’t know what other words to write so you know how much I love you and that if you could, feel what I feel in my heart. I feel like they have torn a piece of my heart.

Love, this is temporary. Soon you will see that soon you will be giving me many kisses. I love to remember when you tell me, “mami, you are the love of my life” I am proud of having you as my son. To hear you tell me that I am a warrior fills me with the courage to continue fighting every day.

All day I speak of you with my friends and I tell them how special you are. That you are the sweetest kid I know. I speak of your eyes, and that you are wonderful, that your chocollitos are so pretty. I spoke to your brother and he asked a lot about you. He says he wants to see you. He says, “mami, tell Samir I love him a lot.” Luzita asks for you a lot and so does mom. Mom says that your dog had the puppies, three of them. When we get out of here I am going to take you to the zoo like I promised. That is what you have always asked me for, to see the animals, the dolphins, the fish, the penguins even though you say you are afraid they will eat you. Hahahah. Oh and the Spider-Man toys I promised you will be yours very soon. Very soon we will be together again. You will soon see that our prayers will be answered by God that we will be together. You are my prince, my warrior, the love of my life, my reason to be. Soon we will say what I always say, “who is the love of your life?,” and you will say, “you mami,” and you say, “you!!” I LOVE YOU, kisses, I love you with all my soul. Kisses on your forehead, kisses on your cheeks, kisses my little love. Until soon son of my heart. You are like a light guiding my path. (Here is the bus I always draw for you)…

Your mom, your warrior.

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