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Michael Avenatti Is Going After Trump With A New Immigration Battle

Michael Avenatti Is Going After Trump With A New Immigration Battle

Michael Avenatti vs Donald Trump -- AGAIN!
Michael Avenatti vs Donald Trump -- AGAIN!
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It’s not clear whether Michael Avenatti set out to be Donald Trump’s worst nightmare, or if being a force for justice just happens to mean opposing this president at every turn, but the attorney is now taking on POTUS at the border.

Avenatti is already involved in legal battles against Trump, representing Stephanie Clifford, also known by the stage name Stormy Daniels, in cases stemming from an alleged affair and Trump’s attempts to cover it up and silence Clifford. Now Avenatti aims to face off against POTUS in a battle for the human rights of immigrant children.

In April, Jeff Sessions announced the Trump administration’s new policy for the border. While individuals imprisoned for illegal crossing may face prison time, which by necessity involves separation from their children, the crime is a misdemeanor and does not require prison time. Those who are merely detained and returned to their own countries, without facing prosecution, may be housed together in Family Detention Centers. Immigrants may also seek asylum legally as long as they do so within a year of entering the country.

However, according to NBC, Sessions announced a no-tolerance policy, by which anyone entering the country without documentation will face prosecution,

This has resulted in a recent spate of nightmare images of children crying in cages, and stories of parents who don’t know where their children are or if they’ll ever see them again. The United Nations has issued a warning, according to the New York Times, demanding that the U.S. stop the practice described as “government-sanctioned child abuse.”

Now Michael Avenatti is stepping into the fray, leveraging his current publicity level to call for support and fight for these families. He has started a fundraiser, which will cover bond payments to release detained mothers and other expenses incurred in working with these families. The famous lawyer notes that none of the funds will be used for attorney fees, only for the costs of helping reunite families.

Avenatti announced his intention to enter the legal battle Sunday morning, and on Monday updated his claim, saying his legal team intends to be representing at least 20 mothers and their children by close of day.

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Donald Trump seems to be facing legal difficulties lately, from the case against his Trump Foundation for allegedly misusing funds, which the New York Times reports could result in Trump family members being forbidden to serve on any nonprofit organization in the future, and possible additional charges, to the Stormy Daniels cases.

Michael Avenatti has shown a skill for bringing light to matters Trump might have preferred to keep hidden, and now he’ll join yet another case that involves the president, albeit on a less personal level. Is Avenatti truly becoming Trump’s nightmare?

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