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Michael Avenatti Challenges Tucker Carlson To Moderated Debate

Michael Avenatti Challenges Tucker Carlson To Moderated Debate

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Attorney Michael Avenatti appeared this week on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program and the interview quickly devolved into an attack piece against Avenatti.

Prior to the interview, Carlson promised to meet two requirements for the interview: Carlson would not cut Avenatti off, and the Fox News host would not engage in ‘name calling’. As the interview began, Carlson told Avenatti, “I actually don’t have an interest in squabbling with you at all or name-calling.”

The interview quickly devolved into a typical Tucker Carlson hit piece. He routinely cut off Avenatti before the lawyer could answer questions and attempted to frame Avenatti as just another person who was exploiting Stormy Daniels for his own gain.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Fox News flashed several chyron notices on the screen that called Avennati a “CREEPY PORN LAWYER TOYING WITH 2020 RUN”, “DOES AMERICA WANT CREEPY PORN LAWYER AS PRES?”, and “STORMY’S LAWYER AS CREEPY PORN PRESIDENT?”

Avenatti was attacked whenever he offered legitimate answers to Carlson’s questions. Those questions were drowned out by Fox News’ constant unwarranted attacks.

Now, Avenatti wants to meet with Tucker Carlson for the second time. However, the lawyer has requested a fully moderated long form debate.

In a tweet sent out on Saturday afternoon, Michael Avenatti writes:

Tucker Carlson has not responded to Avenatti’s request at this time. Given Carlson’s inability to actually engage with guests who disagree with his alt-right viewpoints, we’re not holding our breath for an actual debate.

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In the meantime, a 2020 Presidential run is a very real possibility. On August 27, Avenatti tweeted his short-form answers to 20 important stances.

Here’s to hoping Tucker Carlson is held accountable for his actions and accepts Avenatti’s request for a fair and balanced moderated debate.

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