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Michael Avenatti Challenges Donald Trump Jr. to Charity MMA Fight

Michael Avenatti Challenges Donald Trump Jr. to Charity MMA Fight

As if the 2018 political climate couldn’t get any more heated, possible 2020 Presidential candidate Michael Avenatti has just challenged the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. to a 3-round mixed martial arts fight.

Senior media reporter for MSNBC and NBC News, Dylan Byers, tweeted earlier this afternoon that he was having lunch with Mr. Avenatti at the Vanity Fair Summit, when the proposal was suggested:

“I’m having lunch with Michael Avenatti @MichaelAvenatti at the Vanity Fair Summit and he’s proposing a three-round mixed-martial arts fight with Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr for charity. No joke,” Byers tweeted.

Avenatti then seemed to confirm that he was dead serious about his proposal in two tweets of his own shortly after.

“This would be for two great causes.” I’m in, Avenatti.” responded. “My portion of the proceeds from the fight will be split 50% to rebuilding Puerto Rico and 50% to . Just waiting on Bif to confirm. he continued.

This challenge by Avenatti comes shortly after he participated in a war of words with Trump Jr. last night and this morning after Trump Jr. suggested Avenatti run on a ticket with convicted felon Anthony Weiner.  After that suggestion, Avenatti, referring to Donald Trump Jr. as “Bif” from Back to the Future, tweeted the following:

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“Bif: If I were you, the last thing I would be doing is referencing other people getting out of federal prison. Because after you are indicted, you will likely be passing them on your way in. BTW, they don’t have silver spoons or gold toilets in the joint. Buckle up Buttercup.”

While it’s highly unlikely that Trump Jr. will take Avenatti up on his challenge, there is no doubt that some serious money could be raised for charity if he decided to participate.

Donald Trump Jr. has yet to respond.

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