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Michael Avenatti Challenges Brett Kavanaugh to ‘sue us all’ for Defamation

Michael Avenatti Challenges Brett Kavanaugh to ‘sue us all’ for Defamation

Over and over again, we have heard Brett Kavanaugh and those on the right play him up to be the victim when it comes to all of the allegations of sexual assault that women have brought against him. With Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick all accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in one form or another, many Republicans have implied that they simply are not telling the truth.

Julie Swetnick, who is represented by attorney Michael Avenatti, didn’t even get to speak to the FBI about her allegations, but that hasn’t stopped Avenatti from making sure that her story is told to the American people.

Now with Kavanaugh and his allies accusing everyone from Democratic Senators to “the Clinton’s” for these allegations being brought up against the Supreme Court Nominee, Michael Avenatti just issued a specific challenge to those who are siding with Kavanaugh.

That challenge is directed toward Brett Kavanugh and his accusations that the women who are alleging he partook in sexual misconduct are not telling the truth.

“If Brett Kavanaugh & his supporters are so convinced that all of the scores of women (inc my client) are lying, he is innocent, he has been so wronged, & his reputation has been damaged for no reason, then he should sue us all-TODAY,” Avenatti tweeted. “I hope that he does so we can prove the truth!”

If in fact Kavanaugh feels that the stories being told about him are outright lies, he would certainly have a good defamation case on his hands.  He could sue these women and even Avenatti himself for defaming his name through libel and slander.

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That of course would mean that a judge and the American public would get to see all of the evidence of these women’s allegations, including witness testimony from those who could corroborate their stories.

Because of the evidence that would be brought forth and the publicity that it would garner, the odds of a defamation suit being brought against Kavanaugh’s accusers is slim to none, but the challenge by Avenatti certainly does show that he and his client have little to hide.

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