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Miami’s Republican Mayor Wants to Bomb Cuba

Miami’s Republican Mayor Wants to Bomb Cuba

The Republican mayor of Miami, Florida suggested on Tuesday that the United States should consider bombing Cuba in order to assist the growing social unrest that has taken hold on the island nation in recent weeks in order to protect American national security interests. It is crucial to note that the cruel, draconian, and unnecessary American embargo on the communist country is the source of its economic desperation.


Francis Suarez – who is the son of the Cuban-born former Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez (I) – pitched the same argument for nation-building to Fox News anchor Marth MacCallum which landed the US in numerous international quagmires in the late 20th Century.

“It’s difficult for any elected official, Republican or Democrat, not to take the side of the Cuban people when they see images of people risking their lives, protesting in the streets,” Suarez said.

“What should be being contemplated right now is a coalition of potential military action in Cuba similar to what has happened in both administrations in both Republican and Democrat administrations,” the mayor continued. “And Republican–with Bush in Panama, they deposed Noriega. And that country had peaceful democracy for decades. And you had interventions by a Democratic president taking out Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. It’s a sovereign country where they took out a terrorist and saved probably thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lives. And President Clinton in Kosovo intervening in a humanitarian issue with airstrikes. So there have been many, many opportunities in the history of…”

MacCallum cut him off for clarification.

“Are you suggesting airstrikes in Cuba?” she asked.

“What I’m suggesting is that that option is one that has to be explored and cannot be just simply discarded as an option that is not on the table,” Suarez responded. “And there’s a variety of ways the military can do it. But that’s something that needs to be discussed and needs to looked as a potential option in addition to a variety of other options that can be discussed.”

Watch below via Media Matters for America correspondent Andrew Lawrence:

During a separate appearance on Varney & Company, Suarez stated that he would support easing the sanctions but only if the Cuban government stops hoarding resources.

“All the Cuban government wants to do – and all it’s demonstrated to the world – is that they want a repressive, authoritarian control; a Communist dictatorship to continue in the island. So anything that we do to try to help the island ultimately becomes fuel for them to repress their citizens. So they’re completely depriving the Cuban people and [using] those resources as a means of control,” Suarez said. “The number one hope is that the Cuban people will successfully be able to change the system of government themselves from within, either by some sort of a public seizing of control of the country, or the military itself realizing that what it’s doing to its people is a stain on the history of their lives and that they should be on the right side of history.”

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