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Miami Herald Editorial Board Calls Upon Citizens & Businesses to ‘Step Up’ to End Gun Violence

Miami Herald Editorial Board Calls Upon Citizens & Businesses to ‘Step Up’ to End Gun Violence

The Miami Herald Editorial Board is pleading with the public and the business community to band together to end the scourge of gun violence that led to two mass shootings over Memorial Day weekend.

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“All hopes for a relatively quiet Memorial Day weekend in Greater Miami died in a barrage of bullets, starting late Friday night in the Wynwood area. Two people were killed and six others wounded,” the Board wrote in a Sunday op-ed. “Unfortunately, it was not a one-off. It continued at a banquet-hall concert early Sunday morning in Northwest Miami-Dade County. Two more people died, three others are critical and 17 were wounded. What a horrible scene.”

Miami-Dade Police Director Alberto “Freddy” Ramirez said Sunday’s attack was “a despicable act of gun violence, a cowardly act,” noting that “the crooks are not sleeping. They are not observing holidays,” in reference to the recent escalation of violence in the Miami metropolitan area.

“Yes, it is. The violence is sickening. Because of the loss of life, first and foremost. Because of the inability to get a handle on gang and turf wars. Because every gun-control measure in the world likely won’t make a dent in criminals’ access to guns. Because of the loss of any sense of security,” wrote the Board. “We’re seeing a disturbing pattern here. Two shameless street mass shoot-outs within 36 hours starting Friday night, a Caribbean-theme party and a rap concert. Three dead; more than 30 injured. Unacceptable.”

And while law enforcement has increased its efforts too “crack down” on the growing number of drive-by shootings in South Florida, the Herald argued that local communities have the responsibility to bring about change too.

“This is not just a law enforcement fight. It’s a moral, community and public-health crisis, meaning many more of us must play a role in eradicating such tragedies. The business community should also step up,” wrote the Herald.

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The Board added that the incessant flow of blood in the streets is damaging the region’s reputation.

“This weekend’s shootings are not just tragedies, they speak ill of this community presenting itself as world-class, eager to lure new, high-skilled professionals from Silicon Valley and other once go-go hotspots. Neither newcomers nor long-time Miami business leaders can ignore the 30 people touched up close by gun violence so far this weekend,” the Board concluded. “Because the shooters don’t care, the rest of us must.”

Read the full editorial here.

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