Men Booted From Yankee Stadium For Hanging Massive “Trump Won” Banner

Two men were kicked out of Yankee Stadium on Thursday after they hung a large pro-Donald Trump banner from the second deck.

Video and photos show two men unveiling a “Trump Won Save America” flag on the first-base side of the stadium, which prompted a Bronx cheer of boos from many in the crowd.

Lindsey Adler, who covers the New York Yankees for The Athletic, tweeted, “Lots of booing here after some jabronis unfurled a “TRUMP WON” banner off the second deck. (He didn’t).

The banner and the men who thought it was a good idea to interrupt the game didn’t last long. Security quickly descended on the men and took down the massive flag. The incident occurred during the second game of a doubleheader between the Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays.

At one point, someone on the deck below jumps up, apparently trying to pull down the banner during the second game of a doubleheader between the Yankees and Blue Jays.

The two men appear to be struggling over the flag with a security guard in pictures taken by a photographer for The New York Post.

“Sounded like the entire crowd was booing until security confiscated the banner, which then resulted in a large cheer,” tweeted Max Goodman, who covers the team for Sports Illustrated.

A video posted to Facebook shows security confiscating the flag and leading one of the men away in handcuffs as fans cheered.

It’s unclear how the men were able to slip into the stadium with the banner since all persons entering large sporting venues are subject to security screening.

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