Melissa Carone Is The Witness You Wished You Didn’t Have Testify

By now most people following Donald Trump’s unfounded attempts to overturn the results of the presidential election he lost to President-elect Joe Biden have seen Melissa Carone’s laughable “testimony” at the Dec. 2 Michigan House hearing. Given her demeanor and the wacky claims she made – “I know for a fact there was illegal activity going on there (TCF Center). People have pictures of people carrying ballots out of that place” – many have speculated she might have been drunk. She denies that.

One thing she can’t deny is her criminal record. Since she made national news as Rudy Giuliani’s star witness it’s been uncovered that Carone is only recently off probation. In 2018 she was charged with first-degree obscenity for harassing her then-boyfriend’s ex-wife by sending her graphic videos of the two of them having sex. Carone struck a deal with prosecutors in September 2019, who agreed to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct in exchange for 12 months probation.

According to police records obtained by Deadline Detroit, Carone and her boyfriend waged a two-year-long harassment campaign against his ex-wife, Jessica. Carone, whose last name at the time was Wright, even violated a protective order by repeatedly contacting Jessica.

At one point when the two women encountered each other outside a Michigan courthouse, Jessica told police that Carone drove around the parking lot, yelled “f— you” and gave her the finger.

Her testimony at the hearing instantly drew comparisons to Cecily Strong’s “Saturday Night Live” character “Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With At a Party.” In case you need a reminder watch a clip, courtesy of SNL.

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