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Melania’s Newly Renovated Rose Garden is Already Under Repair

Melania’s Newly Renovated Rose Garden is Already Under Repair

It can easily be said that Melania Trump has done less for the country than any First Lady in recent memory. Her anti-bullying campaign, Be Best, was immediately mocked for being tone deaf. After a few years of promoting the program, she seems to have given up on it.

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Trump’s big initiative for 2020 was a remodeling of the White House’s Rose Garden. But while the project was completed just three weeks ago, it is already under repair.

The Rose Garden renovation was pushed for political reasons. The First Lady gave a speech there during the Republican National Convention in late August.

And now the new garden is being closed for renovations. CNN reports that there are, “”issues with water drainage and some minor complications with updated construction.”

The project was mocked not only for its style, but also for its timing. The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker wrote at the time, “Melania Trump is revamping the Rose Garden, which she calls a ‘symbol of our strength, resilience and continuity.’ Katie Rogers notes: ‘Mrs. Trump’s husband has not exactly focused on those principles during his many appearances in the Rose Garden.'”

Writer Neal Rogers also chimed in, “Finger on the pulse. Really reading the room amid global health crisis, historic unemployment, protestors in the street calling for an end to police brutality.”

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The White House has yet to announce when the Rose Garden will be reopened.

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