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Melania Trump’s Jacket Appears to Mock The Immigrant Children She Visited

Melania Trump’s Jacket Appears to Mock The Immigrant Children She Visited

As if Melania Trump and her husband were not already in the media spotlight when it comes to the President’s harsh policy to separate children from their parents on our southern border, the First Lady may have just made things quite a bit worse for herself.

Following the President’s signing of an Executive Order, which he claims will stop the separation of immigrant families at our southern border, First Lady Melania Trump made a surprise visit to a shelter in McAllen, Texas, where many unaccompanied immigrant children were being held. While the visit itself may have shown that she cares about what’s taking place, following her husband’s missteps (perhaps this is too lenient of a word), it was the jacket she wore in transit which will undoubtedly get most of the attention.

As she was seen boarding her plane at Andrews Air Force Base, which departed for McAllen, Texas, those paying attention noticed that she was wearing a $39 khaki Zara jacket, according to DailyMail.  Surprisingly, it featured the following text on the back: “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?”

Democrats, along with much of the media, have been portraying the President, and consequently the First Lady, as not caring about these children, many of whom have been torn out of their parents’ arms, kicking and screaming.  This jacket certainly seems like quite a misstep on her part, potentially feeding into Melania Trump’s critics’ claims.

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With that said, the First Lady was either made aware of her mistake, or figured it out herself, as she disembarked the plane in Texas, wearing a cream colored military-style jacket instead.

Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s spokeswoman only had this to say in response to the apparently poor choice of attire, according to Peter Alexander of NBC News.:

“It’s just a jacket. There’s no message. I hope we can talk about her important visit with children today rather than her wardrobe choice.”

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