Melania Trump Won’t Leave White House To Visit President In The Hospital, Citing CDC Guidelines

Donald Trump left Walter Reed National Military Medical Hospital Sunday for a drive-by rally of his fans, who are gathered outside with signs and displays of support. Meanwhile, citing CDC guidelines, Melania Trump will remain in the White House in quarantine.

melania trump won't visit hospital
[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

While Trump was transferred to the hospital, Melania, reportedly with milder symptoms, remained in the White House to ride out her COVID-19 quarantine. In a note, she told the public that she won’t be visiting him while he’s there, either — because she doesn’t want to expose others who would in contact in the process.

NBC White House Correspondent Peter Alexander shared the information Sunday after Donald Trump’s brief drive through a crowd, sealed into a vehicle with a driver and Secret Service protection.

It’s certainly consistent with CDC guidelines for a patient infected with COVID-19 to avoid unnecessary travel and remain isolated. It’s also thoughtful and appropriate to avoid infecting others as much as possible.

Still, a lot of members of the public had other views on why Melania — whose feelings about her husband have been a constant subject of speculation — might be glad she can’t make the trip.

Melania herself issued a public statement on Twitter Monday morning, expressing appreciation for prayers for her family, and saying she is praying for others who are suffering from, or have a family member suffering from, the virus. She also reiterated that she will not be leaving the White House for the duration of her illness.

Donald Trump’s medical team will reportedly make a decision, in conjunction with the president, about whether he can leave the hospital later today to return to the White House.

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