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Melania Trump Tries to Tie Impeachment to COVID-19 and Gets It All Wrong

Melania Trump Tries to Tie Impeachment to COVID-19 and Gets It All Wrong

First Lady Melania Trump took a swing at Democratic presidential and vice presidential nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Saturday, incorreclty claiming that President Donald Trump’s double impeachment distracted Congress from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“It was Joe Biden who accused President Trump of xenophobic hysteria for putting the American people first and closing travel from China and parts of Europe,” the First Lady said at a campaign stop in West Bend, Wisconsin. “Now, they are saying we didn’t do enough. Our actions say otherwise.”

Trump’s actions (or inactions) – including his refusal to implement a national plan to stop the spread of the lethal pathogen – have led to more than 9.4 million Americans getting infected with COVID-19 and 236,000 American deaths, according to the latest statistics from Worldometer.info.

Ms. Trump fired off the typical Trumpian attack lines.

“President Trump isn’t a career politician like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” she said.

“He’s a president with proven results, not empty words and broken promises,” she continued. “I watch Donald continue to work hard to keep people informed and calm, to protect our economy and make hard and unpopular decisions to do all he could to keep us all safe.”

New daily cases are expected to top 100,000 by next week – and things are getting worse.

But it was came next that showed that the Trumps, along with their supporters, are not living in the same timeline as everyone else. Must be nice.

“Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the rest of the Democrats and the media have spent almost the same amount of time and energy attempting to impeach my husband as we have spent fighting COVID-19,” she claimed. “Yet Joe Biden says he could do a better job leading our great nation.”

Trump was impeached – twice – for obstruction of justice and for attempting to extort Ukraine into drumming up dirt on Biden. The impeachment process itself began in late 2019, and the president was acquitted by the Republican-led Senate on February 5, 2020.

The president is in charge during a pandemic, not Congress.

A breakdown of the COVID-19 timeline beginning in January, 2020 is provided by the American Journal of Managed Care:

January 9 — WHO Announces Mysterious Coronavirus-Related Pneumonia in Wuhan, China

At this point, the World Health Organization (WHO) still has doubts about the roots of what would become the COVID-19 pandemic, noting that the spate of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan could have stemmed from a new coronavirus. There are 59 cases so far, and travel precautions are already at the forefront of experts’ concerns.

January 20 — CDC Says 3 US Airports Will Begin Screening for Coronavirus

Three additional cases of what is now the 2019 novel coronavirus are reported in Thailand and Japan, causing the CDC to begin screenings at JFK International, San Francisco International, and Los Angeles International airports. These airports are picked because flights between Wuhan and the United States bring most passengers through them.

January 21 — CDC Confirms First US Coronavirus Case

A Washington state resident becomes the first person in the United States with a confirmed case of the 2019 novel coronavirus, having returned from Wuhan on January 15, thanks to overnight polymerase chain reaction testing. The CDC soon after deploys a team to help with the investigation, including potential use of contact tracing.

January 21 — Chinese Scientist Confirms COVID-19 Human Transmission

At this point, the 2019 novel coronavirus has killed 4 and infected more than 200 in China, before Zhong Nanshan, MD, finally confirms it can be transmitted from person to person. However, the WHO is still unsure of the necessity of declaring a public health emergency.

January 23 — Wuhan Now Under Quarantine

In just 2 days, 13 more people died and an additional 300 were sickened. China makes the unprecedented move not only to close off Wuhan and its population of 11 million, but to also place a restricted access protocol on Huanggang, 30 miles to the east, where residents can’t leave without special permission. This means up to 18 million people are under strict lockdown.

January 31 — WHO Issues Global Health Emergency

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With a worldwide death toll of more than 200 and an exponential jump to more than 9800 cases, the WHO finally declares a public health emergency, for just the sixth time. Human-to-human transmission is quickly spreading and can now be found in the United States, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

February 2 — Global Air Travel Is Restricted

By 5 pm on Sunday, those en route to the United States have to have left China or they can face a 2-week home-based quarantine if they had been in Hubei province. Mainland visitors, however, will need to undergo health screenings upon their return, and foreign nationals can even be denied admittance. Other countries beginning to impose similar air-travel restrictions at this point include Australia, Germany, Italy, and New Zealand.

February 3 — US Declares Public Health Emergency

The Trump administration declares a public health emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak. The announcement comes 3 days after WHO declared a Global Health Emergency as more than 9800 cases of the virus and more than 200 deaths had been confirmed worldwide.

It was not until February 25, a full three weeks after the GOP let Trump off the hook, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that COVID-19 was headed toward becoming a pandemic.

On March 11, the World Health Organization recognized COVID-19 as a global pandemic.

Trump did not personally acknowledge COVID-19 as a public health emergency until March 13.

Futhermore, Biden was not involved with Trump’s impeachment – at all – since he had been out of elected office since 2017.

The first lady then joked, “when you hide in a basement, you feel safe communicating your wishful thinking,” referring to Biden avoiding crowds so that he could avoid becoming infected.

The Trumps both tested positive for the coronavirus on October 1.

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