Melania Trump Shows Up To Pandemic Meeting To Boost Husband’s Popularity

The First Lady, Melania Trump, attended a pandemic meeting with President Trump. The President was holding the meeting to convince governors to reopen their states. Trump has been pointing the finger at Democrats for keeping states closed for what he says is political gain. Many governors across the country have been reluctant to reopen for fears of causing more coronavirus infections.

Health officials and experts have been sounding the alarm about a possible second wave of the virus if states reopen too soon. Now Trump is hoping that Melania can help him close the deal. He invited the First Lady to participate in a video call with governors. The call took place in the situation room in the White House. The first lady tweeted her excitement about being on the call on Monday.  Many think there is a specific reason why Trump thinks his wife can help him.


 Maggie Haberman, of The New York Times, seems to think that Trump invited Melania because people like her more than him. She tweeted, The First Lady is joining her less-popular husband tomorrow for a call with governors. She has advocated mask-wearing as the president has treated it dismissively until the last week. And she could have a softening effect on a president trying to resurrect the 2016 playbook.” Some disagree with this assessment, but Melania does have a significant following.

It will be interesting to see what President Trump will do to get the economy back open and running again. What risk is he willing to take?



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