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Melania Trump Says ‘Canceling’ Her Is An Attack On Children’s Dreams

Melania Trump Says ‘Canceling’ Her Is An Attack On Children’s Dreams

Melania Trump believes she’s the victim of a politicized attack, and to protect herself from it, she’s holding up “the hopes and dreams of children” as a shield, and accusing anyone who would question her motives and actions of ‘canceling’ those hopes and dreams.

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“They have canceled the hopes and dreams of children by trying to cancel me,” Trump declared in a statement published on her website. She’s talking about the questions raised about the legality of her charitable proposals, particularly her plans for her Foster the Future and Be Best initiatives. These aren’t registered as charities in the state of Florida, though state law requires registration of any charity that raises money there.

Her statement, which you can find appended at the end of this article, or on her website here, offers an explanation, saying that her programs aren’t charities but platforms, and that she’s working together with other organizations who take on that responsibility:

“To avoid confusion, I do not operate a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. In simple terms, “Fostering the Future” is the name of my platform. Fostering the Future is a Be Best initiative.

I am working with the Bradley Impact Fund, a donor-advised fund, to select charities that support foster children. The Bradley Impact Fund will disburse funds raised through the efforts of Fostering the Future to the respective beneficiaries.”

However, her statement centers predominantly on claiming to be unfairly attacked and maligned — see some excerpts below.

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This is not the first time where politics got in the way of my mission to support children. In fact, I tried to galvanize partners to broaden the impact of Be Best while in the White House and was outright rejected. For example, a prospective corporate partner refused an opportunity to further our shared philanthropic goals surrounding my visit to Africa.

Despite my actions, the press continues to publish inaccurate, misleading, and outright incorrect articles about my work. The media has created a narrative whereby I am trying to act in an illegal or unethical manner…

Of course, this could certainly be about politics — or perhaps because her family has gotten into hot water over misuse of charitable funds before, as the New York Attorney General’s office documents here. The Trump persecution complex insists that it’s yet another victimization, but the fact remains that Trump’s actions, particularly financial activity, are under scrutiny right now for a lot of reasons — including that her husband and their family business are currently being accused of falsifying financial documents.

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