Melania Trump Promotes Mask-Wearing, Receives Backlash

Melania Trump promoted mask-wearing to protect against COVID-19, only a day after her husband shared claims that doctors and other experts are all lying about the severity of the pandemic. Twitter users were quick to respond, with many pointing out the hypocrisy, since Donald Trump has politicized mask-wearing, and many shared photos of Melania herself in crowds without a mask. Some Trump supporters chimed in too, to criticize the First Lady and insist masks are unnecessary, or even dangerous.

Melania Mask
[Image via Melania Trump/Twitter]

Melania tweeted Tuesday to remind the American public to wear masks and use social distancing guidelines to slow the spread of COVID-19. Just the day before, Donald Trump shared claims that the public is being lied to about the virus, by doctors and the CDC among others. Before that, Washington Post reported last month that the president refused to promote masks, and wouldn’t be seen on camera with one — something that finally changed in the past week.

The Trump campaign even refused to promote mask-wearing at his Tulsa rally, and removed numbers on chairs that were intended to encourage social distancing — and a surge of COVID-19 was then linked to that event. When Joe Biden wore a mask in public, Donald Trump actually mocked him for it.

Melania received criticism for her post from at least three angles: those who said she was hypocritical, because she’s been seen without a mask; those who say she should get her husband on the same page, and those who still oppose masks entirely.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration reportedly actively prevents experts from speaking to the public about the pandemic, and in Trump’s Monday retweet, it was suggested that promotion of protective measures against the virus are really only intended to hurt his re-election chances.

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