Melania, Trump Kids Avoid Spotlight After Capitol Riots

They were caught on video watching the “Save America Rally” on a closed-circuit TV. The song “Gloria” by Laura Branigan inexplicably (and not cleared by her estate) blasted as members of the Trump family enjoyed seeing the crowds swell and the energy rise. Incited by their tweets, thousands of loyal MAGAs and QAnons had traveled to Washington to do Donald Trump’s bidding. They were ready to “get wild”, and the Trumps loved it all.

Until they didn’t, that is. And now they’re being awfully quiet.

Trumps seen partying before president's speech

Footage circulating online shows the Trump family and senior White House members partying in a jovial mood in the hours before Trump-inspired rioters besieged the Capitol building at his behest. The footage was filmed by Donald Trump Jr and shows him partying with his girlfriend, sister Ivanka, brother Eric, his father, and other senior officials including White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. The video appears to be taken right before Trump Jr. spoke at a rally for his supporters, calling on them to march on the Capitol building. Eric Trump and his wife Lara spoke as well, and listened with big smiles as the crowd of thousands serenaded the younger Trump with “Happy Birthday;” as he turned 37.

But they were nowhere to be found in the aftermath of the riots. Melania Trump, who had been sitting for a formal photo shoot as the riots began, is “so checked out” according to remaining staffers, that “she just isn’t in a place mentally or emotionally anymore where she wants to get involved.”

Ivanka Trump allegedly convinced her father to publicly call for the violence to stop — but not before she sent her own tweet, referring to the Trump supporters rioting as “American Patriots.”
“American Patriots — any security breach or disrespect to our law enforcement is unacceptable,” wrote Trump, who also said the violence must stop. After being called out for dubbing them “patriots,” Trump deleted her tweet.

Trump Jr had roused his supporters “to fight” and to “take back our country” as he promised to join them, when of course he was never going to join them.

“After this, we’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you,” he told them.“We’re going to walk down to the Capitol. You’ll never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

Aside from retweeting their father’s video where he conceded the election and weakly tells his followers to go home, their Twitter accounts have been quiet amid calls for all of them to serve time for their part in the insurrection.

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