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Melania Trump Denies Reports Her Charitable Event Is Dodging Florida Laws

Melania Trump Denies Reports Her Charitable Event Is Dodging Florida Laws

Former First Lady Melania Trump has announced an event that she says will raise money for Fostering The Future through her “Be Best” initiative. Now questions are being raised and she has quickly responded by going on the defensive.

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Ms. Trump responded on the same day that Raw Story published a piece about discrepancies surrounding the Foster the Future charity. The report noted that there is no such charity registered in Florida, and that state law requires all organizations raising charitable funds in Florida to be registered.

Linking the story, Trump responded on her Twitter account, claiming that this was a case of dishonest reporting and corrupt media, but appearing to contradict herself with two differing explanations for the lack of documentation.

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On one hand, she seems to suggest that there’s no problem, since she’s working through the Bradley Impact Fund, but at the same time she indicates that the reason no one can find her program registered in Florida is that “documents are in the works.”

It seems relevant to consider here that the Trump family has been in trouble before for their mishandling of charitable funds — the New York Attorney General announced in 2019 that the then-President had been forced to pay out $2 million to charities after “illegally misusing charitable funds at the Trump Foundation for political purposes.”

Melania’s sudden leap into NFTs, selling digital artwork and a hat that she once wore during official travel, has raised questions about whether the family is short on funds as Donald Trump faces further legal troubles.

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