Melania Trump Complains About Media Holding The President Accountable

As her husband fights to keep the presidency, Melania Trump weighed in, blaming the media and suggesting that it’s unfair that Donald Trump is held accountable for his own actions.

Melania says it's media's fault
[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

In the clip below from PBS News Hour via The Recount, Melania complains that news media “like[s] to blame my husband for his behavior,” and goes on to suggest that reporting of Trump’s actions leads to disdain and hostility for his supporters.

While they like to blame my husband for his behavior, the media’s promotion of divisive language and attacks has led to open disdain and hostility towards voters like you and me. Deplorables, they called us.

It’s not clear exactly who Melania is accusing of labeling her, and other Trump surrogates, supporters, and voters as “deplorable.” In fact, it was initially Hillary Clinton, when she was Donald Trump’s opponent, who declared that a subset of his voters belonged in the “basket of deplorable.” She went on to clarify that she was talking about, as NPR quotes here, voters who are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic….” It was Trump supporters who decided to own the label, tacking it in their social media bios and wearing it on t-shirts. Clinton later apologized for the wording.

Meanwhile, Trump has suggested Clinton was involved in the death of Jeffrey Epstein, said she should be locked up, and accused her of being part of a massive scheme against him.

About reporters, he’s said things like, “I know you’re not thinking. You never do,” as reported here by Politico, called them “the enemy of the people” numerous times, and, as reported by The Hill, said journalists were “scumbags” and that they “deserve to be executed.”

Yet Melania says it’s the press who is unfair to her husband, and inciting hostility.

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