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Melania Trump Claims That She is ‘the most bullied person [in] the world’

Melania Trump Claims That She is ‘the most bullied person [in] the world’

Back on May 7 of this year, First Lady Melania Trump announced, along with the White House, her new initiative and public awareness campaign, “Be Best“.  The initiative focuses on preventing cyberbullying (on social media), and advocating against drug use.

While the campaign has become the brunt of many jokes, given President Trump’s own cyberbullying-like tactics which he uses on a weekly basis in attacking his political opponents, it’s hard to gage how much impact or how successful the First Lady’s program has been.

In a surprising interview with ABC News (seen below), ABC National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas asked Melania Trump:

“What is it about social media? Because I remember you talking about this during the campaign. What happened to you personally, or what did you see personally that you thought you wanted to tackle this issue.”

Trump’s answer is what has left many Americans a bit dumbfounded and confused.

“I could say that I’m the most bullied person on [sic] the world,” Melania Trump responded.

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Llamas, seeming surprised by her answer, then followed up by saying, “You think you’re the most bullied person?”

“One of them — if you really see what people are saying about me,” Trump answered.

The interview can be seen below.

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