Melania Trump Caught On Tape Trashing Donald, Ivanka, Don Jr., & Eric, Former Friend Tells All In New Book

A former close friend of Melania Trump is releasing a book based on her time in the Trump circle. The book will cover, among other things, the way that Melania talked about the president and his adult children, and it’s reportedly based on audio recordings that were taken secretly.

Melania Trump trashes Donald, Ivanka, etc
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Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was a friend of Melania Trump, and spent time close to the family in both casual and professional capacities. In Yasher’s Newsletter Yashar Ali writes that two sources say Wolkoff secretly taped the First Lady talking about her husband and stepchildren. The details of the audio are reportedly included in her upcoming book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with The First Lady.

…two sources familiar with the contents of her book confirmed that she reveals the details in her book including harsh comments about Ivanka Trump, the president’s eldest daughter and senior advisor.

Town & Country shared Wolkoff’s story back in 2018: she was hired for a variety of consulting and networking tasks in the White House, including building an image of Melania as someone who “contrasted sharply with the President’s loud, boastful image,” and working with press and event planning. Then Wolkoff disputed some information that was publicly reported about payments to her firm from the Trump Inaugural Committee. She says that she left the White House only “because all gratuitous volunteer contracts were ended,” and not due to the “phony story.”

However, her relationship with Melania Trump appears to have also ended, and according to the BBC, she later said she was “thrown under the bus,” when her company was reported to have been paid $26 million, but actually “retained a total of $1.62 million.”

The book has previously been reported as the story of Wolkoff’s work on the inauguration, her departure from the White House, and the time in between. However, the new details reported by Yashar Ali suggest that it will, like many tell-all books coming from those close to the Trump family and administration, also be delving into the personal relationships behind the scenes.

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