Melania Reportedly Refused to Move to White House Until Toilet Used by Obamas Was Replaced

Melania Trump is used to going to the bathroom in style. The New York City apartment she shared with her husband reportedly features a gold toilet.

The White House

When the Trump’s made the move from New York City to the White House, the First Lady and Barron Trump stayed behind in New York for a few months. According to a new tell-all book, part of the reason was so that the bathroom used by the Obama’s could be completely renovated.

When Trump moved to the White House, Melania said Barron would finish school before she joined him. In a June book, Washington Post writer Mary Jordan claimed that the First Lady used to time to renegotiate her prenuptial agreement.

According to an upcoming tell-all from  Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, there was another reason. A source for the book says, “Melania just flat out refused to move to Washington DC until it had been completely redesigned and revamped.”

The source continues:

“Stephanie talks about how she took one look at her bedroom and bathroom and demanded a new shower and toilet. She was not prepared to use the same bathroom as the Obamas or anyone else for that matter – it wouldn’t matter if it was the Queen of England. She wanted everything redecorated, repainted, new furniture and decor – everything was old and shabby and she wanted it to be brand new. Melania is the wife of the president and doesn’t expect she should have to make do with second hand or previously used facilities.”

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