MeidasTouch’s Twitter Takeover Continues

In just over three months, MeidasTouch has proven itself a voice to be reckoned with and has quickly become a major presence in the political dialogue surrounding the 2020 election year.  With more than 150,000 followers on Twitter and those numbers growing exponentially by the day, MeidasTouch has asserted itself as a significant player in the fight to bring progressive politics back to the mainstream in the United States.

Since last Saturday, MeidasTouch has released seven new videos, including a video letter to Pennsylvania voters advocating for Joe Biden and six scathing indictments of the Trump Administration and associates.

Video: Women Scare Trump
Released on Saturday, June 20, the video has racked up 2 million views throughout the week and #WomenScareTrump trended as high as #2 on the day of its release.  The video proved exceedingly popular on the platform TikTok, where it gained more than 400,000 votes of approval and close to 11,000 comments.

Video: Trump Rally Fail
For an encore on June 20, MeidasTouch produced a quick response ad targeting President Trump’s Tulsa debacle and #TrumpRallyFail quickly jumped to the #3 hashtag on Twitter.  The video, which runs just under a minute, used Trump’s own words against him from the rally as well as footage from showing supporters yawning with boredom while Trump discussed his ability to drink a glass of water with one hand and navigate ramps.

Video: Trump Kills Us
On June 23, MeidasTouch hit Trump on his incompetency in handling the COVID-19 crisis that continues to ravage the nation as infections reach higher levels than ever.  The video, which opens with the definition of the word murder, prosecutes the case that the Trump Administration has failed America as infections increase by hundreds-of-thousands and the death toll passes 125,000.  The video currently has 3 million views and #TrumpKillsUs trended as high as #3 on Twitter.

Video: We Want Joe – Dear Pennsylvania
On June 25, MeidasTouch released its first ad directly supporting Joe Biden for President in a video letter addressed to voters in Pennsylvania.  The ad, which has been viewed more than a million times, quickly took the top spot on Twitter’s trending topics making #WeWantJoe MeidasTouch’s first #1 trending topic after numerous other videos made it into the top five.

Video: More Lies More Die
On June 26, MeidasTouch took aim at Vice President Mike Pence following his Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing in which he claimed that the Trump Administration’s response to the national health crisis has been a success.  The rapid response ad released Friday afternoon gained immediate traction on social media, with #MoreLiesMoreDie hitting #1 on Twitter with almost 17,000 retweets and more than 650,000 views.

Video: Bye Ivanka Part II
Also on June 26, MeidasTouch trended #1 again with a follow up to a previous video targeting the self-proclaimed “First Daughter” with the #ByeIvanka hashtag.   The new spot built on the success of the original video, which amassed more than 6.2 million views, and took the Trump Administration to task for its laughable decision to appoint Ivanka as the co-chair and spokesperson of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, a new federal hiring initiative meant to focus on skills and merit in filling federal jobs.  Bye Ivanka II currently has more than 2.4 million views.

Video: Lindsey Graham is an Embarrassment
Finally this morning, MeidasTouch struck again posting their video focusing on Lindsey Graham, the one-time Never-Trumper that now serves at the Trump Administration’s beck and call and has been a major mouthpiece advocating for the President’s myriad policy failures and programs. As of this evening, the piece has more than 800,000 views and has been widely praised in its skewering of the GOP senator from South Carolina who might be facing a tough reelection year with DNC supported Jaime Harrison making headway in gaining support both in the Palmetto State and nationally.

MeidasTouch.com is a new Political Action Committee created by the Mieselas brothers. Ben Mieselas is a partner in the law firm Geragos & Geragos, the high-profile firm that represented Colin Kaepernick in his lawsuit and settlement with the NFL. Also helping create the videos are his two brothers Brett and Jordan. Brett is a two-time Emmy award-winning video editor and digital media strategist. He was a video editor for the Ellen DeGeneres show for more than five years and ran digital media for a major sports organization, in addition to working as a creative executive for a mainstream film & tv production company. Jordan is a Marketing Account Supervisor based in New York City. He has been responsible for running campaigns and activations for some of the world’s top brands including the NFL and AT&T.

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