Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Think It’s the Right Time to Criticize Trump COVID-19 Response

Despite coming to fame as a Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly liked to present herself as a non-partisan newswoman. This persona led to NBC hiring Kelly to host a daytime program. Viewers weren’t interested though and after some controversial comments about blackface, her show was cancelled.

Via Wikimedia Commons

The former Fox News host was not seen on social media for some time. Upon her return, her feed took a more Conservative bend. On Wendesday, Kelly took to Twitter to blast those who are criticizing Donald Trump’s coronavirus response.

The pundit tweeted during the afternoon, “I am so sick of seeking the news on Coronavirus and constantly getting bombarded w/how it’s all Trump’s fault or what Trump is calling the damn virus. Can we focus on what needs to be done right now and play the blame/political game later? Good Lord.”

Some felt the need to at least criticize Kelly’s comments. This included the Daily Beast’s Sam Stein who wrote, “hmmm. Do you not think that Trump has, at least partially, altered his tune and approach precisely because he issei’s getting real time feedback for the job he’s done to this point?”

Kelly responded to the message, “Not accdg to what I see in the news, which is that he was more moved by Tucker saying this is a real threat that needs to be taken seriously than by any of his media detractors; they just make him get his back up.”



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