Meghan McCain’s Husband Tells Fox Business : Biden Gave a Garbage Speech Full of Lies

Meghan McCain is the token Conservative on The View. So each day, she has to argue for the most extreme Republican talking points. It is clear that she didn’t like Donald Trump. But that was also based on a family squabble rather than real policy differences.

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McCain’s husband, Ben Domenech, is much more extreme in his Conservative views. Domenech runs The Federalist, a site which often traffics in GOP conspiracy theories. On Thursday night, Fox Business had the pundit on to blast Joe Biden’s address.

Domenech told the hosts, “This is another garbage speech full of lies from a senile person who thinks they’re in charge of America, but actually isn’t running anything. But I’m not going to pretend otherwise.”

The Federalist creator’s wife had a much different and more positive take on the address given by the president. She took to Twitter to write, “If this virus is over by the Fourth of July – there won’t be a firework left in this entire country because I will have bought them all and lit them off my roof with an American flag bandana.”

Watch a clip of Ben Domenech’s comments below, courtesy of the Fox Business Network:

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