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Meghan McCain: Trump Would Win if Election Were Today

Meghan McCain: Trump Would Win if Election Were Today

NBC’s The View often has viral moments thanks to panelist Meghan McCain. The host, daughter of longtime GOP senator John McCain, often has fierce debates with her mostly liberal co-hosts.

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McCain often vacillates between defending President Donald Trump and painting him as a terrible human being. At the end of the day, though, she is still a Republican and supportive of the party. In a recent interview, McCain said that Trump will win reelection as Democrats won’t stop being crazy.

When asked about Trump’s chances by Yahoo Entertainment, she replied, “If I were betting today I would say Trump is getting reelected. f the election were today, yes. Democrats are blowing it. All they have to do is not be crazy and that was apparently too much for everybody. It’s unbelievable. And shame on everyone for not doing better across the board.”

McCain also said in the interview that the show doesn’t always paint her in the best light. “I think a lot of ‘The View’ viewers think that I’m just this like ice queen, steel b**ch, that’s like shooting guns and drinking and being crazy,” she remarked. “I have a very personal side, and I have a warm side and I think that the show doesn’t always do a good job showing everyone’s 360 degrees and that’s just the nature.”

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The host, though, does not feel that viewers should be sorry for the criticism she takes on a regular basis. “Don’t feel bad for me,” she said. “I mean, I’ve got a cool job too. It’s not so bad.”

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