Meghan McCain Says She is 'Horrified' that Jon Stewart is Returning to the Daily Show

After hosting The Daily Show for more than 15 years, Jon Stewart left the show in 2015. The country certainly missed the comedians takes on the tumultuous Trump presidency. He came back onto the scene with a show on Apple TV and it was recently announced that he will be returning to The Daily Show. 

The announcement was met with excitement from many corners, but of course, there are some unhappy Conservatives. Meghan McCain is one of them. The former host from The View expressed her displeasure in a recent episode of her podcast. 

"I’m the first person to say that when I was a teenager in my formative years, I loved The Daily Show,” she began. “I thought it was so funny. I loved Jon Stewart."

The Conservative pundit continued, "I grew up, I became an adult, I had kids, and I watched his Apple show. I was horrified at the sort of creature he has morphed into."

McCain closed her rant:

"I found him to be the most woke (on his Apple show). I didn’t recognize the Jon that I grew up loving. I hope I see the original OG Jon Stewart."

Of course, none of Stewart's views are all that different from the ones he had back ten years ago. It's McCain who has changed, not Stewart.