Meghan McCain Resigns From ‘The View’

Meghan McCain – the lone conservative host of ABC’s The Viewannounced during Thursday’s broadcast that she will be leaving the talk show at the end of July.


“I am just going to rip the band-aid off. I am here to tell all of you, my wonderful co-hosts and the viewers at home, that this is going to be my last season here at ‘The View.’ I will be here through the end of July to finish out the season with all of you, which I am grateful for. This was not an easy decision. It took a lot of thought and counsel and prayer and talking to my family and my close friends,” McCain said.

“On a professional note, this show is one of the hands-down greatest, most exhilarating, wonderful privileges of my entire life, and I have had so many amazing experiences in my life, and this is definitely one of the top. It is a privilege to work alongside such strong, brilliant, intelligent, incredible broadcasters like the four of you. You are the most talented women on all of television, hands-down, and it has been so incredible to be able to do this with you,” she said of her cohosts Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Haines, and Sunny Hostin.

McCain’s frequent and dramatic dissents from her fellow panelists’ progressive stances became part of the show’s brand, often including heated debates over issues like abortion, guns, and immigration. But the comradery between the five women has never been in question.

During her farewell speech, McCain joked that she “will still be here another month, so if you guys want to fight a little bit more, we have four more weeks.”

She concluded with a message for women to keep standing up to the misogyny and sexism that permeates American media.

“My final note to the world watching: This show will continue; this show will probably be on … when we are long gone. The media needs to do a better job of covering the women on this show in general,” McCain said.

“We are covered with deep misogyny and sexism by the media,” she continued. “If five men were doing what we do every day, I really do believe that we would have a Pulitzer Prize at this point, and it’s always reduced to really reductive coverage, and I implore the media to do better as they cover the rest of you going forward.”

Watch McCain’s departing address below:

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