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Meghan McCain: Nikki Haley Sold Her Soul to “Imitate Trump”

Meghan McCain: Nikki Haley Sold Her Soul to “Imitate Trump”

As the Token conservative on The View, Meghan McCain typically finds herself defending Republicans. That has been harder to do, however, since the Capitol insurrection triggered by Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers.

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The host is particularly upset about the way the Republicans have responded since the attack. On Wednesday’s show, McCain targeted her ire on specific GOP members, saving much of her vitriol for Nikki Haley.

When Donald Trump made Haley his UN Ambassador, she was seen as one of the adults in the room. Since then, though, she has shown a willingness to defend Trump no matter what he does.

“It’s just a Dumpster fire,” McCain said. “I will say that, you know, politics unfortunately should be about making moral calculations, but a lot of times it’s about making political calculations, and when i saw Nikki Haley just now in that clip, she’s clearly betting on the fact that Trumpism is here to stay, and she wants his base of supporters because she’s clearly running for president and thinks she’s a frontrunner.”

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The ABC host then ripped whipping boy Josh Hawley. “That’s Josh Hawley’s problem,” she said. “He’s an Ivy League-educated scholar trying to go to the floor to put something forward that I don’t believe he believed, and now he’s in political purgatory. I think going forward, the idea that you can sort of calculate this, that Nikki Haley is, like, ‘I’m the frontrunner and this is a great calculation’ — Chris Christie thought he would be the frontrunner. There’s a litany of candidates who thought they would be the frontrunners and ended up coming in about 12th, 15th, and they were media darlings and it didn’t work out.”


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