Meghan McCain: I Don't Criticize Joe Biden Publicly Because of His Relationship With My Mom

During a recent interview with The Messenger, Meghan McCain revealed that she doesn't publicly criticize Joe Biden due to the President's friendship with her Mother. 

John McCain and Joe Biden had a legendary relationship. Despite their differing politics, the men were extremely close over decades. And that extended to their wives as well. Cindy McCain made waves during the 2020 election by supporting her friend Biden over Republican Donald Trump. 

Meghan McCain, the daughter of Cindy, did not support Biden during the 2020 election. But the former host of The View isn't critiquing him either, at least not in person or in print. She told The Messenger, "My mother has asked me to keep these things private because she still maintains a very close relationship with him. Out of respect for her, I just am not going to talk about it publicly."

During the interview, McCain, who now works for The Daily Mail, was also asked about opportunities for females in politics. She responded:

"It's become just really, really important to me, and always has been. There's something about feeling like no woman will ever be President in my lifetime that I feel very, very disheartened and depressed and pessimistic about women in leadership in general that has also sort of empowered me to do this as well."

You can read the interview in its entirety here