Mega-Conservative Coulter Tweets Support for Mitch McConnell’s Democratic Opponent Amy McGrath

Ann Coulter is an opinionated person. That is not in question. Most of those opinions, however, tend to sway towards the Conservative side of things. But that doesn’t mean they always do.

Gage Skidmore

The author made her mark by becoming a fierce opponent of Bill Clinton and his administration and frequently has her pieces published in Conservative periodicals. She also has an active Twitter account. And on Friday, she used that Twitter account to call for Mitch McConnell to be defeated.

Coulter tweeted on Friday afternoon, “The lovely Amy McGrath is a Marine Corps veteran. The average donation to her campaign is $36. Mitch McConnell is a broken-down old man owed by cheap labor lobbyists.”

She didn’t stop there. The Conservative pundit continued, “Mitch McConnell is running this year in a CLOSE ELECTION. If we do not teach these betraying RINOs a lesson, we will be Charlie Brown with the football for our remaining time on earth. KENTUCKIANS: STAY HOME ON NOV 3!”

Coulter is unhappy that McConnell is pushing Roger Marshall for a Kansas senate seat over Kris Kobach. Many Republicans feel that Kobach being nominated could potentially cost them a seat in ruby red Kansas.

The latest National Republican Senatorial Committee shows the MAGA candidate, Kris Kobach, beating the open borders candidate, Roger Marshall,” Coulter wrote. “So Mitch McConnell zoomed in with millions in dollars of ads DEFAMING Kobach as a ‘white supremacist.'”

While McConnell is a very unpopular lawmaker, most current polls show him comfortably ahead of his opponent, McGrath.

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