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Meet Trump Best Person #1,845: Ed Solomon

Meet Trump Best Person #1,845: Ed Solomon

In today’s installment of Donald Trump’s “Only the Best People” let’s meet Ed Solomon. Ed Solomon, according to an introduction given him during a Jan. 27 interview segment on OAN, is an “expert mathematician” who uncovered evidence of massive, coordinated fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Best Person Ed Solomon told viewers that he found several precincts throughout the country reporting exactly the same results at various times throughout the vote tabulation process.

OAN host Christina Bobb was gobsmacked at the claim and asked Best Person Ed Solomon what the likelihood was that his discovery could somehow just be a coincidence. “You can use the binomial probability formula,” replied Best Person Ed Solomon, sounding amazingly mathematically smart, “and the chance of that event happening is one over ten to an exponent so large there’s not enough stars in the universe—there’s not enough atoms in the universe to explain the number. It can’t happen naturally.”

If that sounds to you like the kind of horse hockey language a mathematician would never use, you would be correct. That’s because Best Person Ed Solomon actually is not a mathematician. No, instead Best Person Ed Solomon is a convicted drug dealer (so he’s either really good or really bad at math) who, at the time of the OAN interview, apparently was gainfully employed as an installer of swing sets for a construction company on Long Island.

Best Person Ed Solomon’s true CV was revealed in the lawsuit filed today by Dominion Voting Systems against the right-wing outlets OAN and Newsmax. How he convinced the OAN brain trust to put him on the air is not detailed.

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According to a FactCheck.org review of Best Person Ed Solomon’s segment, his mathematical expertise is limited to having taken a few math classes at Stony Brook University from 2008 to 2015. He never received a degree. Motherboard was able to independently verify that an Edward Solomon from Ronkonkoma, Long Island bearing a visual resemblance to the Edward Solomon in the video was arrested for a range of drug-related charges in 2016 and served two years for criminal sale of controlled substances.

Dominion sent OAN two retraction demands within a week of the video being posted, according to the lawsuit, pointing out that Best Person Ed Solomon lacks any expertise and is a convicted felon. The lawsuit says OAN “quietly removed” the video and story from its website, but it can still be found on OAN’s Rumble page, a popular video platform for Trump supporters, where it bears the title “Smoking Gun.” Best Person Ed Solomon has continued to post YouTube videos of election analysis and math lessons for months. His most recent stream from early July, “The Mirror of Maricopa; Is there a parametric line?” is 11 and a half hours long.

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