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Meet the Former Navy Pilot Attempting to Unseat Matt Gaetz in Republican Primary

Meet the Former Navy Pilot Attempting to Unseat Matt Gaetz in Republican Primary

Matt Gaetz has had a rough time over the last year and a half. Of course, his idol and mentor, Donald Trump, lost the 2020 election. Shortly after that, it was revealed that Gaetz was being investigated for possible sex trafficking.

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The Florida Republican has tried to fight back, going on a speaking tour with Marjorie Taylor Greene and threatening to disband the FBI if the GOP regains power. But in the end, Gaetz seems ripe for a primary opponent. And former Navy pilot Greg Merk would like to be the Republican who takes him out.

Merk ran in the primary in 2020, but feels things are much different his time around. The candidate explained:

“I should address the elephant in the room, which is the investigation (into Gaetz),”I will tell you straight up that’s not why I entered the race. However, it does really strengthen the necessity for my candidacy. Unfortunately, Gaetz has been sidelined. He’s got this dark, cloudy investigation over his head, and since he has been sidelined for the last two years, Northwest Florida has been sidelined.”

When asked if he thinks the investigation into Gaetz is credible, Merk responded, “Yes, I do believe it. How can you not believe it? If I’m to not believe it, then I have to say all these people are liars. And Matt Gaetz, who’s the one guy that stands to lose everything, is telling the truth. That just kind of strains credulity.”

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