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Meet HillReporter.com’s New Owner — Roman Romanuk

Meet HillReporter.com’s New Owner — Roman Romanuk

Regular readers of HillReporter.com know that the site has been, for a long time, managed by the Krassenstein Brothers, Ed and Brian. 

When Twitter banned the two from its platform earlier this year, it made things incredibly difficult for the brothers, as they had amassed a large following of dedicated readers. The two often shared insights and news reports from HillReporter.com as well through their social media channels.

After they were ousted from Twitter, the Krassensteins (along with fellow site founder James Kosur) continued to push for the site to grow, but ultimately decided it was time to move onto other projects. They didn’t want HillReporter.com to end completely, however, recognizing it as an important resource for readers trying to keep up with the news of the day.

So the decision was made to sell the site to a new buyer. We’re proud to announce that new ownership has been found — Roman Romanuk, an internet entrepreneur and businessman, has graciously stepped up to the plate to help usher the site into a new era.

Don’t worry: we’ll still be delivering the same news and opinion articles you’ve come to rely on. Yet, exciting changes are coming.

In announcing new ownership, we thought it’d be a good idea for you, the reader, to get to know Roman a little better. I spoke with Roman recently about why he took ownership of the site, and what he thinks about the state of politics today.

What inspired you to become the new owner of HillReporter.com?

I’ve always been interested in politics as a spectator sport. My grandfather was interested in politics and so was my dad. They never held any office but were always following along and talking about politics almost every day. 

The opportunity arose when James Kosur, Brian and Ed Krassenstein decided to sell the site after Twitter unfairly banned the Krassenstein brothers. I think Twitter did this because they were getting a lot of heat for banning conservatives (who deserved to be banned for actually violating terms of service). I think they wanted to show that they weren’t biased since the right was attacking them.

I hope to continue the legacy that James, Ed, and Brian started and look forward to growing the website and seeing them allowed back onto Twitter.

What do you see as the major challenges in the United States political sphere at the moment?

I think the United States is currently experiencing a stress test of the Constitution and rule of law. Our politics have become so polarized, and political norms are being thrown out the window by President Donald Trump. I hope we can return to decency and to norms that were once respected. 

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I don’t mind if a politician disagrees with me or has different views and pursues different policies — that’s okay. I can live with that and still respect the person. What’s not okay is that we have a leader in the White House that is lying to us every single day. What’s even more frightening is that half of the country believes these lies.

The state of the Union right now is under attack. I’m still optimistic about the future though. America is a special place, and I think we will get rid of this cancer and heal.

What kind of direction are you hoping to take the site in, within the coming months or years?

We are going to create an educational section of the site where people can read more deeply about topics that interest them. We are also going to be starting an email program so that users can catch up on what’s going on directly in their inboxes.

Any other future political plans, besides the site?

No political plans here. It’s too dirty of a game for me. I enjoy business, building websites, and doing marketing online too much. However, I do plan to contribute and help market ideas and people that I believe in.

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