Meat Plant Tells Man Not To Wear Mask, He Dies Of COVID-19

Mask-wearing in public or on essential jobs is a standard safety measure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Essential workers must still go to work  to keep American society running Рeven though it risks their health. This includes workers in meatpacking plants.

Rafael Benjamin was 64 years old, and he worked at Cargill, Inc. It is a pork and beef packing plant in Pennsylvania. He informed his children that one of his supervisors at work had ordered him to remove a face mask he was wearing at work. That was on March 27. By April 4, Benjamin was calling in sick due to a cough and a fever. Just days later, he was taken in to seek medical treatment at a hospital by ambulance. His 17th work anniversary at Cargill, Inc. was coming up. He would spend it on a ventilator in Intensive Care. Rafael Benjamin would die from coronavirus just a short time later.

Apparently, after Benjamin’s illness, the plant was closed for disinfection for a short time. Other workers had been told to remove face masks for various reasons, including that wearing them caused a fearful work environment. There are also reports that workers had been ordered back to work at Cargill even after reporting that they were ill. Benjamin’s death and the media attention generated by the reported work environment have changed things, though.

Employees at the Pennsylvania Cargill, Inc. plant are now wearing face masks, and they work behind plexiglass. People with temperatures over 100 are now seen by nurses. There is no word on routine temperature checking or coronavirus testing. Cargill, Inc. has not commented on the death of Rafael Benjamin.

Meatpacking worker told not to wear face mask on job died of coronavirus: report

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