McConnell Says He Hasn’t Spoken With Biden Since He Was Inaugurated. They Actually Spoke Last Month.

For the first time in 5 years, Mitch McConnell is not in control of the Senate. And he is certainly not enjoying the new situation. The Senate Minority Leader recently made a bunch of threats about what Republicans would do when they were back in charge, but they mostly fell on deaf ears.

Mitch McConnell says White House was careles
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So now McConnell has moved on to step two in the GOP handbook; gaslighting. During an interview with Fox’s Bill Hemmer, the Kentucky lawmaker claimed that he hadn’t spoken to Biden since he was inaugurated. This was quickly proven to be a lie.

McConnell told Hemmer, “I haven’t been invited to the White House so far this administration. [They] are not interested in doing anything on a bipartisan basis in the political center. They’d be more than happy to pick off a few of our members and do what they would like to do.”

Afher Hemmer asked if he’d spoken to Biden, the Senate Minority Leader replied, “I don’t believe I have spoken with him since he was sworn in. We had a couple of conversations before then.”

Ace CNN fact checker Daniel Dale was quick to call out McConnell’s lie. He tweeted, “McConnell‘s office acknowledges that McConnell spoke to President Biden in that Burma-related conversation. (McConnell said he didn’t “believe” they had spoken since Biden was sworn in.).”

Dale also shared a video of McConnell from February. In the video, the Kentucky Senator admitted, “The president called me on two things: Burma was one of them. The other…[was] the budget process and covid relief.”

Watch the clip below, courtesy of JM Reiger:

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