McConnell Reverses Course, Admits Obama Left Pandemic Plan

George W. Bush was reportedly obsessed with the idea that a pandemic could eventually ravage America. Barack Obama was also concerned with the possibility and left behind a plan for the proceeding administration if this global event was to take place.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

This document, according to former Obama staffer Ronald Klain was 69 pages and included step by step advice. While days ago, Mitch McConnell said the previous administration left no plan, he later reversed course and now admits that they did.

The Senate Majority Leader had made his original comments during an interview with Lara Trump. “They claim pandemics only happen once every hundred years but what if that’s no longer true,” he asked. “We want to be early, ready for the next one, because clearly the Obama administration did not leave to this administration any kind of game plan for something like this.”

McConnell was pressed on these comments during a interview with Fox News’ Brett Baier. “I was wrong,” he admitted. “They did leave behind a plan. So, I clearly made a mistake in that regard.”

The Senate Majority Leader continued, “As to whether or not the plan was followed and who is the critic and all the rest. I don’t have any observation about that because I don’t know enough about the details of that, Bret, to comment on it in any detail.”

Watch a video of McConnell’s comments to Baier below, courtesy of Fox News:


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