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McConnell: Plan to Investigate Capitol Insurrection is “Partisan”

McConnell: Plan to Investigate Capitol Insurrection is “Partisan”

Last month, insurrectionists breached the United States Capitol for the first time in American history. The actions of the mob and the people that incited them certainly warrant an investigation. So Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is calling for one.

Mitch McConnell congratulates Biden on win
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Mitch McConnell, though, wants it done his way. The senate majority leader, for some reason, doesn’t want too bright of a light shined on the inspiration of the mob. On Wednesday, McConnell slammed Pelosi’s plan, referring to it as overly partisan.

The Kentucky lawmaker told reporters, “The speaker of the House proposes even more investigation through a new commission. She cites the precedent of the 9/11 Commission, but her draft bill fails to track with that precedent in key ways. The 9/11 Commission was intentionally built to be bipartisan. The 50-50 bipartisan split … both helped the effectiveness of the investigation itself and helped give the whole country confidence in its work and its recommendations.”

McConnell continued, “The speaker’s proposal imagines something more than an investigation into specific security failures that occurred here at the Capitol. It sets the stage for a somewhat broader inquiry into domestic violent extremism beyond just that day.”

The GOP senator closed his remarks, “If this new commission is to go beyond a targeted, after-action analysis of the security failures here at the Capitol complex, if Congress is going to attempt some broader analysis of toxic political violence across the country, then in that case, we cannot have artificial cherry-picking of which terrible behavior does and which terrible behavior does not deserve scrutiny.”


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