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McConnell: Mueller Report Case Closed, Unless You Want to Help Russia

McConnell: Mueller Report Case Closed, Unless You Want to Help Russia

William Barr’s testimony in front of the Senate and his refusal to speak to Congress has left Democrats with many questions. Angry Democratic lawmakers have threatened to hold Barr in contempt for refusing to release the full Mueller report.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has decided that the time for questions is over. Today, McConnell will speak on the Senate floor and urge Democrats to move on from the Mueller Investigation.

According to Politico, McConnell will tell lawmakers:

“This investigation went on for two years. It’s finally over. With an exhaustive investigation complete, would the country finally unify to confront the real challenges before us? Would we finally be able to move on from partisan paralysis and breathless conspiracy theorizing?”

The Senate Majority Leader will also incorporate Russia into his speech. From his remarks:

“Or would we remain consumed by unhinged partisanship, and keep dividing ourselves to the point that Putin and his agents need only stand on the sidelines and watch as their job is done for them. Regrettably, I think the answer is obvious.”

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Democrats are unlikely to heed McConnell’s words. The House Judiciary Committee is still hoping to get a look at the full, unredacted Mueller Report as well as the president’s tax returns. They also seek to interview Robert Mueller in a public hearing. Republicans have fought hard to prevent this from happening.

New York State is also attempting to get a closer look at Trump’s business documents. Yesterday afternoon, New York Attorney General, Letitia James announced the state’s intention to sue the Treasury Department and the IRS. Neither office has complied with multiple requests to supply documents related the to Trump Organization.

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