Mitch McConnell’s Desertion Of Donald Trump Complete As He Joins Joe Biden For Inauguration Morning Church Service

Wednesday morning before Joe Biden’s inauguration, he and Kamala Harris will attend a church service at St. Matthew’s in downtown D.C. He has invited the leadership of both major parties to join. Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer will all come together for the service.

Joe Biden with Mitch McConnell
(Photo credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images]

It marks a significant shift after four years in which Democrats and Republicans came together on very little, as News & Guts notes.

As seen in the CNN below, the optimistic view of this is that “deprogramming is underway.”

It could be a moment of healing between parties after the extreme bipartisanship of the Trump era.

However, it’s also fair and relevant to recognize that McConnell will, with the Biden Administration and the new Senate members swearing in, lose a significant amount of power. It’s perhaps cynical to consider that this effort towards unity coincides so closely with his loss of control of the Senate.

It also comes at the moment when across America, voters are calling for accountability ahead of unity.

Reaching across the aisle when you’ve lost power is an obvious means to achieve political ends, but in this case, it has another effect as well — it seems to be the ultimate (or perhaps penultimate — after all, the Senate impeachment trial is yet to come) statement from McConnell that he is abandoning Trump, after weeks of refusing to support the president’s attacks on the Georgia elections, and refusal to help fight to overturn the eventual outcome.

It’s one more slap in the face to a president who demands loyalty at all costs.

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